Fozzy Football Bubble Level - Specially crafted for the Best Tailgate Game - Fozzy Football Table Top Game. Now appearing in gamerooms, sports bars, at tailgate events, and in family rooms across the nation. It's a football board game played shuffleboard style that makes a great tailgating game, a great mancave game or board game fun for the whole family.

Replacement Bubble Level (included w/wood framed set)

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A bubble level is included in the wood framed game set for Table Top Fozzy Football but is also available here for purchase as a stand-alone add-on if your bubble level is misplaced or lost.

The bubble level includes highly transparent material that make the leveling process easy with this clear and visible unit. It is designed for more accurate measurement to assist with ensuring your Table Top Fozzy Football game board is set up as close to level as possible. The small size of this bubble level makes it easy to carry.  There is a slot/insert in the game box designed specifically as a place to store and transport the bubble level.   

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