Best tabletop football game of all-time - Fozzy Football is great as a tailgating game, in man caves, as a game room game, or fun in your own living room
Fozzy Football - Best Tailgate Game, Table Top Game, Board Game Ever. Now appearing in gamerooms, sports bars, at tailgate events, and in family rooms across the nation. It's a football board game played shuffleboard style that makes a great tailgating game, a great mancave game or a board game fun for the whole family.
Fozzy Football gameboard lets you play a tabletop game of American-rules football in 15 minutes.

The Classic Fozzy Football Complete Set

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Fozzy Football Complete Tabletop Game Set
(Includes Everything You Need)

Omnibron is an American manufacturer of a tabletop football board game for action and entertainment. The Fozzy Football game board is easily transported to a tailgate and sized nicely for a man cave, gameroom, living room or tailgate. It is the most fun version of American-rules football ever invented and you play it shuffle-style.
It's simply the best man cave game, the best gamerooms game, the best tailgate game ever invented - we guarantee it or your money back! 

Fozzy Football Specifications:
Game Board Dimensions: 39” x 19.5” x 1”
Game Puck: (1) Includes Precision Crosshairs
Defenders: (6): 3-Red Defenders, 3-Blue Defenders
Mobile Device Holder: Included 
Silicone Spray: Included, 12 oz. container
Game-Tracker App: Free Download (Apple or Google Play Store)
Where to Play: At Home, in the best Man Caves, at the Beach, in the best Gamerooms, at a Tailgate, Anywhere Fun
Caution: Too much Fozzy Football may be awesome for your health & relationships.

Fozzy Football Complete Tabletop Game


This is a complete set includes everything you need for Table Top Fozzy Football. It includes a game board, an official game shuffle puck with cross hair, 6 defenders, a bubble level, a mobile device holder and silicone spray - it's all included with your Fozzy Football set up! 

Game board dimensions: 39" x 19.5" x 1" 
Dimensions of the box: 42" x 23" x 3.25" and weighs ~ 14 lbs. (shipping weight)  

The game board is a high quality, glossy acrylic surface with the patented Fozzy Football artwork, a custom-finished, laser etched, wooden game tray with outside trim to ensure that your shuffle puck stays safely on the playing surface.  It includes a patented game puck with a cross-hair target center piece that pinpoints scoring results for each puck slide, and a bubble level that is used to assist with ensuring a level playing surface when taking your football game board to the beach, a picnic, a barbecue, etc.  Finally, 6 defenders (3 red and 3 blue) are included. Use of defenders are optional and increase the difficulty of game play for advanced players. The Fozzy Football game board will look great in your man cave, your gameroom or at your next tailgate. 

An extendable mobile device holder is included to securely hold your mobile device or tablet (the game-tracker app is a free download from either the Apple or Google Play store and is required for game play).  To care and maintain the game surface, this set also includes silicone spray to keep your game surface clean and smooth and ensure perfect puck slides every time.