All About Fozzy Football - the Best Tabletop Game of Football

As a kid, I loved football and remember watching with my Dad on Sundays. When I was with my friends, we would spend hours playing paper football - a simple game where you fold a piece of paper into a triangle and slide it across a coffee table to try and get it to hang over the edge. If you did, it was a touchdown and then you would get to kick an extra point through a makeshift goalpost that your opponent constructed with his fingers on his side of the table. It's shocking that kids grow up with two good eyes if they play this game as much as I did.   

Paper football, kicking field goals and extra points. The game changes with Fozzy Football, a shuffle football experience like no other.

Fast forward 35 years later and I was reminiscing about how we used to play this game growing up.  In the daytime, I was explaining to someone how to play the game and we played a little. That evening, I was drifting off to sleep when I literally sat up in bed with a light bulb moment and said out loud, "I can make it so much better!" 

Initial sketches and mockup for Fozzy Football - the best shuffleboard football game ever invented. 

The next day I started working on make-shift targets and outlining the rough sketches for what would eventually become Fozzy Football. The initial concept for Fozzy Football started as, and will ultimately be produced as, a full-sized table game.
After finishing the prototype, with the help of a best friend, we lugged it to the Billiard and Home Leisure Expo in Las Vegas in July of 2019 for its first public appearance. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. People loved the way the game played and were amazed at how closely Fozzy Football plays like a real game of American-rules football. No one had ever seen a shuffle-style game of football before. 


Fozzy Football at the BCA Expo in 2019, Las Vegas Nevada. The first time the world discovered shuffle football and the start of something big!

I discovered a lot about bar games at the trade show. There are 5 bona fide bar games; pool, darts, air hockey, shuffleboard and foosball. This hasn't changed since 1972 when air hockey was newly released. The fact that Fozzy Football is a new creation in this space resulted in a ton of interest in it. However, I also found out that the cost to manufacture the large version was prohibitive and since I have been boot-strapping this entire journey, I decided to pivot and start small. I'm not abandoning the plan to create the ultimate full-sized table game based upon American-rules football but the Table-Top version will be the first product to market. Expect to see the full-sized Fozzy Football table again down the road.  
So out of this experience, Table-Top Fozzy Football was born!  It is the same game play, the same look and feel, and the same electronic game-tracker technology but it is scaled-down so that owners can take it with them anywhere - a picnic, the park, a barbecue, the beach, a tailgate party, or to a friend's house for a game night! Everyone loves the mix of shuffleboard and football and it gets competitive quick! 
All of the electronics that were built directly into the original full-sized version have been moved into a cloud-based mobile app - a free download from the Apple and Google Play stores. The app works hand-in-hand with the physical game board and keeps track of the down, the distance, field position, timeouts, the play clock, the game clock and the score.  
The Fozzy Football game board - a shuffle-style game of American-rules football.  Combining shuffleboard and football makes for an amazing result!

I have three patents for Fozzy Football; U.S. Patent 10,632,634, a Utility Patent, U.S. design patent D825,006, and a patent pending, application number 16823855 for the puck.  
Omnibron Incorporated, is the company that will manufacture, assemble, market and distribute Fozzy Football - the best shuffle football game ever invented. Thus far the journey has been entirely self-funded but equity is offered in the company to interested parties - inquire within. There are four versions, or sizes and variations, of the game planned. Beyond Fozzy Football, there are also other games in the product pipeline.
For as popular as football is, it is still unbelievable to me that there are no football simulation games in existence. Well, the wait is over!  Fozzy Football is ready to take its rightful spot as America's most popular and fun indoor-outdoor game of shuffleboard football.  When there are more Fozzy Football game boards at tailgate parties in parking lots on game days than cornhole boards, Fozzy Football will reach its goal!  
I trust that you will enjoy Fozzy Football and thank you for your patronage. Our fan base is growing daily, one new owner at a time and I am thankful and appreciative for each and every one! If you are not yet an owner, my hope is that you join us and GET IN THE GAME!!!
Fozzy Football logo - American football shuffleboard style. When you take two great things, football and shuffleboard and combine them, you get better than great! You get Fozzy Football.
Omnibron Incorporated
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