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Fozzy Football at the LA Wildcats Tailgate

Mini Fozzy Football - Take it Anywhere

We've created a perfectly-sized game board so that it is portable enough to take anywhere. Table-top Fozzy Football is the perfect size to play at home on a coffee table, kitchen table or dining table. Or, take it with you to a picnic, the park, a barbeque or tailgate. Table-top Fozzy is lightweight (about 12 lbs.) and comes in a cardboard box that can serve as place to store your game board and accessories when not in use. 

Link to the Table-Top Fozzy Football Promotional Video:

Fozzy Football Mobile App - Home Screen

What Makes Fozzy Football Unique?

The game play is electronic but the game board doesn't have any wires, lights or circuit boards. All of the electronic features and functions have been moved into the cloud!

The integration between the mobile app and the physical game board is unparalleled. There is presently nothing like it in existence.  Most people have to see it in order to fully "get" how cool it really is!  

In order to play, you will download the free Fozzy Football app from either the Apple or Google Play store to use as your "game-tracker." It keeps track of the down, distance, field position, the game clock, play clock, timeouts and the score.  The app features a play-by-play announcer that provides color commentary for the results of each play! 

Link to A Quick Set of Downs - How to Play:

Fozzy Football Game Board

Fozzy Football - Game Board

It plays just like a real game of football.

Justin H.

It only takes a minute to learn and once you get good, it's super competitive! 

Khalil O.

You can play it anywhere but I can see this game being a requirement for all tailgates! (at least the fun ones)

Greg V.

Spice up your tailgate game!

Perfect for game nights

Easy to learn